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Media Release

Beothuk Energy Inc.

Announces Offshore Wind Farm Location

Stephenville, NL - Beothuk Energy Inc. (“Beothuk”), an international green energy company headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (“NL”) is pleased to announce the preferred site for its previously announced demonstration offshore wind farm.

Beothuk is proposing to build and operate an offshore wind farm in St. George’s Bay, western NL. The farm will consist of up to thirty turbines generating one hundred and eighty megawatts of clean, green energy costing less than ten cents per kilowatt hour to produce. The project is estimated to cost approximately $400,000,000 CDN (four hundred million Canadian dollars) and will be funded totally through private investment with no taxpayers money required.

The St. George’s Bay site:

Beothuk’s proposed development fits in nicely with the 2012 Government of NL’s resolution to grant and provide open access to the province’s energy corridors. Such access is designed to stimulate renewable energy developments, thus generating new industry and capital investment in NL. Beothuk’s planned developments will create up to six hundred direct jobs in western NL and will have a positive socioeconomic impact on the area.

The proposed project must undergo various assessments and evaluations by government departments and agencies before start-up operations can begin. Beothuk has requested an investigative permit from the Government of NL for the proposed wind farm location.

Staging and Services Port

Beothuk is also pleased to announce that it is proposing to operate an offshore wind farm service port at Port Harmon, Stephenville, NL. Port Harmon is strategically located to service Beothuk’s proposed St. George’s Bay wind farm and is close to Beothuk’s previously announced Corner Brook manufacturing facility. The service port will create up to one hundred jobs.

Kirby Mercer, President and CEO of Beothuk states, “Beothuk looks forward to working with all interest groups and regulatory agencies to develop this exciting new green industry. Our intention is to make western NL a North American Center of Excellence for offshore wind manufacturing, staging, and servicing. With political will and regional cooperation, we expect to create up to six hundred direct jobs in western NL and there will be substantial business opportunities for local companies at all tiers of the supply chain.”

Beothuk Energy Inc. is a NL based international green energy company with a strategic focus on offshore wind power.

By: Kirby Mercer

President, CEO